Paul Dales, chief UK economist at Capital Economics says ‘We’ve been expecting interest rates to rise to 3 per cent for a while, from 1.75 per cent now, but it’s becoming more and more likely that they rise further.(source >
This is not a flippant or laughing issue, and nor should these messages be ignored. Paul Dale's comment above should make people stop and look at the consequences of what's about to occur. 
Already in the last year or so the Bank of England base rate has risen from 0.1% to .... 1.75% !! As multiples go, that is HUGE and shocking. and the subsequent actual impact on borrowers mortgage payments, credit card payments, personal loans, HP, unsecured finance etc., is massively noticeable. 
Yesterday, it was announced that inflation has dipped to 9.9% from July's 10.1%. (source but it is now mooted that all that this dip has meant to the BOE's interest rate impending decision is that instead of a potential further 0.75% Bank of England base rate increase, it might now only rise by 0.5%! 
Example ; For a 25 year term £200,000 mortgage, on a repayment basis, with a current rate of 3%, and then rising to 3.5%, this means an increase from £948.42pm to £1,001.25pm. 
Last year we were able to arrange 5 year fixed rate mortgages at 0.99%pa ......... Rates now start at over 3%. 
How high will they go? Maybe the inflation rate and the BOE base rate have peaked. Maybe they will now plummet. Maybe they will stay 'as is' for the next 3, 6, 12 months. Maybe they will carry on rising ........ we just don't know. These are uncertain times, across the world, and it all impacts on our own personal pockets. 
We, individually, can't do anything about the UK or international economy, but we can look at our own income and expenses and ... by taking some time out to review what goes in and out of your bank account ... we can budget for ourselves. 
As long established, professional, authorised mortgage and loan brokers and insurance advisers, we can review these specific areas of your financial planning, and we will look to see if we can help to reduce, fix, make better value, the mortgage and policy arrangements that you need. 
In recent weeks, we have saved one Client over £500pm on his insurance policies, with other life insurance policy savings ranging from £5 upwards for many other people too .... as that large supermarket says 'every bit assists' (you know what I mean, but their actual saying is trademarked). 
We are also substantially reducing mortgage payments and helping people who are about to go onto the lenders Standard Variable Rate to switch to a cheaper deal, thereby saving a future shock from happening as well. 
How do we protect against other future price / rate increase shocks? For insurance policies we arrange them on Guaranteed Rates, so no potentially increasing future reviewable rates will occur, and for mortgages we arrange fixed rates. 
How high will rates go? We hope that with our guaranteed rates and fixed rate strategies, we will help you to avoid such concerns. 
This is not a 'media scare' message, it is a reality check for many people who have not yet stopped and taken stock of their own finances, to do it now.  
And why not?  
After all, we don't charge to carry out the initial review. If there are fees to pay, we would only recommend that you progress with certain strategies if there is after all an ultimate financial benefit for you. 
And if you have stayed with me this far, and you want a review with H D Consultants, if you click here, not only will we arrange a free review for you, but we will also provide you and your family with a free Will too. 
Hope this helps. 
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