When considering using a new service or Company, whether it be an accountant, solicitor, Will Writer, estate planning practitioner, Trusts Consultant or Financial Adviser, it's always reassuring to hear from other people who have already used them too.  
After all, your Financial Adviser / Broker is your service provider, in addition to being a heavily-regulated financial services professional. 
The testimonials below have been received directly from our Clients, via the regular Client Survey Questionnaires which our 3rd party / independent compliance network distributes, and also via our LinkedIn profile channel and submitted feedback, too. 
We hope that this reassures you, that our business associates and Clients, all of whom are individuals, families, partners, property investors and business owners, have been satisfied and are more than happy to provide a genuine positive testimonial as to the quality of our work and service.  
A huge "thank you" to all the people below who wrote those very kind words about us. 
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Date Adviser Comment / What did H D Consultants do well? 
22.12.2023 Austyn Johnson I’m super happy with everything Austyn has done for me. I have really struggled and felt very alone out here and he has been a beacon for me. Thank you for your constant help and reassurance, readiness and availability, professionalism, person-ability and for laugh at my terrible puns. I am really happy and will be recommending Austyn to everyone. 
20.12.2023 John Constant Great service from John Constant as always. 
12.11.2023 Howard Reuben We have been clients of HD Consultants for over 10 years and have always experienced a very friendly and highly professional relationship with a prompt response to any questions and excellent service from the Principal, Mr.Howard Reuben. 
06.11.2023 Howard Reuben Personalised approach, he is totally with it and clearly very experienced, and definitely goes the extra mile! - literally. We couldn't thank him enough. 
02.11.2023 Victoria Bennett being able to have the meeting to apply for the policy online was very helpful. 
31.10.2023 John Stallan Such a friendly and professional service, everything clearly explained and help offered when I had some difficulty providing financial documents. Many thanks! 
30.10.2023 John Stallan As always, communication from John is excellent. 
16.10.2023 Howard Reuben Honest and helpful 
10.10.2023 Austyn Johnson The whole procedure start to finish. Austyn is the best! 
03.10.2023 Kendyl Binnie The service and pro-active communication. 
21.09.2023 Austyn Johnson My advisor, Austyn Johnson always provides clear and concise advice and recommendation, couldn't recommend him highly enough 
01.09.2023 Austyn Johnson Austyn was very professional and quick to respond. 
01.09.2023 Victoria Bennett I felt that Victoria dealt with me personally and made me feel welcome. I was extremely impressed with everything she did for me. 
14.08.2023 Stephen Pears The remortgage has taken much longer than I expected and the lender still declined it but my adviser managed to secure better mortgage deals with another lender 
09.08.2023 Austyn Johnson Services from Austyn Johnson are above and beyond. 
15.07.2023 Howard Reuben We were impressed with the knowledge that was shared with us in detail and looking at all the options available to us. 
13.07.2023 John Constant The whole experience 
05.07.2023 Kendyl Binnie Advisor having patience and being informative 
22.06.2023 Howard Reuben Howard and his shirt (note: we're happy to publish all types of feedback :-) ) 
19.06.2023 Victoria Bennett Information and advice. Timeliness. Updates. Securing best rate. 
15.06.2023 Austyn Johnson Even after getting a second zero valuation he persisted and got the proper valuation 
15.06.2023 Stephen Pears Communication 
12.06.2023 Austyn Johnson Prompt responses 
27.05.2023 Stephen Pears Personalised advice, thorough checking of our needs, perseverance at difficult times! 
18.05.2023 Howard Reuben I was only impressed when I took out the bridging and told him so.  
16.05.2023 Stephen Pears How Stephen worked diligently to find me the best mortgage product available. He is also easy to contact and prompt to return calls and emails if not available at the time. 
14/04/2023 Edward Stephen Pears responsiveness and knowledge 
27/03/2023 Miranda and Craig John Stallan John's tenacity to ensure the best deal for us 
19/03/2023 YVONNE Howard Reuben Howard took the time to explain things and did not pressurise me to make a fast decision. 
10/03/2023 Ayorinde and Feyisayo John Constant options and advice 
07/03/2023 Kevin and Jose John Stallan John Stallan provides great customer service and mortgage results. 
01/03/2023 George and Rachael Austyn Johnson Level of professionalism but with a friendly manner. Also the advisor is very knowledgable. 
28/02/2023 Jillian Howard Reuben efficiency 
19/02/2023 Julie Victoria Bennett Being contacted by H D Consultants to see if money could be saved on my monthly payments for my Life Insurance. 
17/02/2023 Adam John Constant Prompt action of John Constant. Even replied to my messages over the Christmas period when he was on holiday. 
31/10/2022 VIOREL-ADRIAN & IULIA Howard Reuben The level of involvement 
29/10/2022 David & Emma Stephen Pears Stephen is extremely professional, friendly, efficient and very knowledgeable. 
21/10/2022 Michael John Constant The ease with explaining my needs and reaching a satisfactory outcome in a relatively short period of time. 
21/10/2022 David Stephen Pears Stephen Pears, did an outstanding job sourcing a HMO Re Mortgage. 
12/10/2022 Andrew & Noemi Austyn Johnson Professional 
02/10/2022 Julie John Stallan The way my advisor made sure I understood everything about the loan I was considering before committing to it 
23/09/2022 Adrian & Andreea-Maria Howard Reuben Howard's professionalism and comintment to providing the best services to his clients, his patience and willingness to take the time to get to know his clients and really understand their needs. 
14/09/2022 Edward Stephen Pears responsiveness and very clear with the options available to me 
13/09/2022 CATHRINE Austyn Johnson Austyn always takes time to understand my needs. His detailed explanation of the financial products/options is very clear and understandable. His excellent service is outstanding. 
12/09/2022 John & Beth Austyn Johnson The personal, yet professional communication. 
25/08/2022 Constantinos Stephen Pears Personal, professional, client centred 
22/08/2022 Clinton Stephen Pears Very helpful and easy to contact 
18/08/2022 David Victoria Bennett Frequent updates throughout without me having to chase 
10/08/2022 Daniel John Constant John Constant has been great over the last 12 months that he has arranged mortgags for me. 
10/08/2022 Kenneth & Hazel Stephen Pears Stephen's attention to detail, and ability to turn that into sound, money-saving advice for us. 
10/08/2022 Dipak & Lorna Austyn Johnson Friendly personal service. Very approachable. 
05/08/2022 Phillip & Joanne Austyn Johnson speed of process - once all information wrinkles ironed out 
27/07/2022 Simon & Carole John Constant Communication 
25/07/2022 Muhammad Ajmal John Stallan John was very clear in providing advices based on circumstances and offer the right services. He kept following up with other parties to make sure everthing was progressing and kept me up to date at all times. He was very responsive to any of my queries and clarified all my questions. He always made the time to answer queries. 
20/07/2022 Jason & Jodie Austyn Johnson Every effort was tried to find us a product which suited our needs for now and the future, response to questions and information couldn't not be faulted has been a brilliant service from start to finish. 
16/07/2022 Hitomi John Stallan Quick response with details information always. 
22/06/2022 Kevin & Jose John Stallan John Stallan understands our needs and finds the best mortgage options as a trusted financial advisor driven by customer satisfaction. 
11/06/2022 James & Annetta John Stallan Communication 
10/06/2022 MICHAEL Howard Reuben Recognised and understood my slightly unusual requirements 
24/05/2022 Stewart Victoria Bennett Communication skills 
22/05/2022 Ruth Stephen Pears Finding a good product that suited my needs. 
15/05/2022 Simon & Leah John Stallan John Stallon’s personal touch and approachability. I would highly recommend him for all aspects of the process. Great knowledge and understanding for our circumstances. 
11/05/2022 Priya Austyn Johnson How flexible Austyn was in our various needs. 
09/05/2022 Olajide & Olayinka Austyn Johnson Communications and wealth of the financial industry. 
06/05/2022 Iulian & Sabina Howard Reuben Amount of knowledge! 
27/04/2022 Daniel & Nicola Stephen Pears Speed of response - Stephen worked to very tight timescales on our mortgage application. 
21/04/2022 Danny John Stallan "How comfortable I felt throughout the process. It was made very easy for me." 
18/04/2022 Daniel John Constant Everything, great service start to finish 
17/04/2022 Helene John Stallan Professionalism 
08/04/2022 Semsem Austyn Johnson I was extremely impressed that my advisor was able to find the perfect product to fit my circumstances, especially as I consider my situation be very negative and challenging. He was able to view and understand my situation in a way that others have not been able to. He helped me to understand all aspects of the process in order to make the best informed decisions. I feel extremely confident that the product I now have will works for me now and for the future. 
08/04/2022 Gary Austyn Johnson The value of HD Consultants was most apparent when my branch mortgage advisor raised an internal concern as she was not able to offer the same product, although it was with my bank. She contacted me the following day to explain that the product was reserved for brokers only and not available to branch advisors. 
23/03/2022 Jeremy & Katy Howard Reuben "Rates accessed. Explanation of options" 
22/03/2022 Luke & Jane John Constant The personable service, and expansive knowledge. Took all the stress away from it. 
10/03/2022 Ashley & Charlotte Austyn Johnson Austyn's personable approach 
08/03/2022 Lauren Victoria Bennett Victoria’s dedication to my case. 
25/02/2022 Akintunde John Constant John took his time to explain the process involved and made sure I well informed if there were any delays. He really knows his job. 
18/2/22 – Sian and Tanya 
Re Austyn Johnson 
On a scale of 0 to 10 where 0 is ‘not at all likely’ and 10 is ‘extremely likely’, how likely or unlikely would you be to recommend your adviser to your family, friends and/or colleagues? 10 - Extremely likely 
Please explain your reason for the above score. Very good customer service, have already passed details on to family 
What can we improve? I don’t feel that there is any need to improve
What were you most impressed with? How friendly and knowledgable the advisor was  
From: Lauren 
Sent: 18 February 2022 15:12 
To: Howard Reuben <howard@hdconsultants.net> 
Subject: A brilliant experience 
Dear Howard, 
I just wanted to drop you an email to express how brilliant Victoria Bennett has been through my house buying process. She has certainly gone above and beyond to make my house buying experience go as smoothly as possible. 
From endlessly chasing solicitors, making herself available during my none teaching lessons and answering my stupid questions - she has been simply brilliant. 
I will certainly recommend her to all friends and family in the future. 
Kind regards, 
Date Client Name Adviser Comment 
21/12/2021 Joanna and Geoffrey John Stallan Overall knowledge but also response rate and availability was excellent. 
21/12/2021 Joanna and Geoffrey John Stallan John was so helpful, well researched and really made the mortgage application simple. 
02/12/2021 Sharon Howard Reuben I dont think there is anything you can improve,its all first class.As mentioned previously I have problems with computers, Im not made to feel stupid . 
02/12/2021 Sharon Howard Reuben The general approach, the time taken if I didnt understand any issues nothing to add, just extremely satisfied 
02/12/2021 Sharon Howard Reuben I cannot praise this company enough. They are always pleasant,helpful and best of all understand that I am not techy and they appreciate I am not tecno savvy. This is important to me, I am too old for this rigmarole. Nothing is too much bother and Howards patience is remarkable. 
29/11/2021 James John Stallan Excellent communication which, sadly, seems to be lacking with a lot of companies. 
29/11/2021 James John Stallan Once again a great service from John. Excellent communication throughout to keep me updated and always on hand to answer questions. This was my third BTL mortgage though John and I would happily use again 
26/11/2021 Stephen and Joanne Austyn Johnson Great communication skills and expert advice. 
26/11/2021 Stephen and Joanne Austyn Johnson Really good expertise. Very pleasant to deal with. 
15/11/2021 Elliott and Amber Stephen Pears The speed at which is the product was organised. 
15/11/2021 Elliott and Amber Stephen Pears Stephen worked efficiently and diligently to organise the mortgage for me. Communication with him was also very good. 
22/10/2021 Glenn and Josie Austyn Johnson We are totally satisfied. 
22/10/2021 Glenn and Josie Austyn Johnson Austyn’s ability to grasp our needs 
22/10/2021 Glenn and Josie Austyn Johnson Austyn Johnson always makes us feel that he has always had our best interests in mind. 
19/10/2021 Sarah and Benjamin Victoria Bennett Nothing to improve. Very happy with the service Victoria has been providing 
19/10/2021 Sarah and Benjamin Victoria Bennett Friendly approach. Makes all the difference in the complex world of remortgaging. 
19/10/2021 Sarah and Benjamin Victoria Bennett Great communication throughout. Quick responses. Incredibly informative 
11/10/2021 Constantinos Stephen Pears Nothing to improve, sorry:) 
11/10/2021 Constantinos Stephen Pears The adviser offered a personal, timely, considerate - and nothing short of brilliant - service. Thank You! I would highly recommend him - in fact I do! 
11/10/2021 Constantinos Stephen Pears Brilliant service is an understatement! (And I am experienced in customer services..) 
04/10/2021 Natasha Austyn Johnson Variety of options presented, the way the information was explained. The personalised and friendly service. Always being available and going above and beyond to get me the right deal. 
04/10/2021 Natasha Austyn Johnson Austyn went above and beyond in getting me the best mortgage deal and ensuring I understood everything. 
25/09/2021 Priya Austyn Johnson Attentiveness, honesty and delivering on what he said he would. 
25/09/2021 Priya Austyn Johnson Found Austyn wholly approachable and knowledgeable on the initial call. From then, he has been the only contact we go to for mortgages, insurances and advice. Absolutely superb. 
20/09/2021 Louis Stephen Pears Stephen is very knowledgable highly recommended 
16/09/2021 LUCIAN and ROXANA Howard Reuben you are doing a great job 
16/09/2021 Gary John Stallan John’s on going knowledge of our situation and his ability to direct us to the correct product for whichever project we are talking about at the time. 
16/09/2021 Gary John Stallan John is a valued advisor to us and always give us clear and honest advice. He is our first point of call on many projects. 
10/09/2021 Babafemi John Stallan Delivery 
10/09/2021 Babafemi John Stallan John was available, understood my requirements well and delivered on a tricky remit 
31/08/2021 Sarah and Paul John Constant Very easy to talk and everything explained clearly and concisely 
27/08/2021 David Stephen Pears Nothing to improve, as the service I got was excellent 
27/08/2021 David Stephen Pears His commitment to me as a customer 
27/08/2021 David Stephen Pears Stephen , searched for the best options for my financial situation , and explained everything in depth 
24/08/2021 David and Angela Stephen Pears His expertise and trying to get the best product for us. 
24/08/2021 David and Angela Stephen Pears Stephen Pears was extremely helpful and explained things in a way that we could understand what we were doing. 
23/08/2021 Peter and Susan John Constant Very professional and fast service 
13/08/2021 Catherine Austyn Johnson The level of customer service, listening and understanding my needs. 
13/08/2021 Catherine Austyn Johnson "Austyn was superb and his service was outstanding. Thank you for your help and support, much appreciated. Just got the keys to my new house." 
12/08/2021 Dipak and Lorna Austyn Johnson No suggestions, you have done it all well. 
12/08/2021 Dipak and Lorna Austyn Johnson Austyn was down to earth , approachable and considerate. Nothing was too much trouble. 
12/08/2021 Theo and Kate John Stallan In all our conversations, John has been well informed, knowledgeable and I entirely trust his advice. John has arranged three mortgages for us, including a tricky house purchase that required required an awful lot of John's time. John never made a fuss and I had every confidence that he would see the project over the line, which he duly did. I hope to be working with John on all our future projects. 
12/08/2021 Stuart and Sharon Howard Reuben Always get a excellent service 
12/08/2021 Dipak and Lorna Austyn Johnson Great attention to detail and quick response to all questions. Austyn was super patient with my lack of knowledge. 
12/08/2021 Graeme Stephen Pears Stephen Pears is fantastic! The best mortgage broker possible. Extremely pleased. Thank you 
05/08/2021 Thomas Stephen Pears Thanks so much for all your ongoing help. 
28/07/2021 Alastair and Justine Austyn Johnson Out of hours support from my advisor Austyn 
28/07/2021 Alastair and Justine Austyn Johnson I’ve successfully worked with Austyn for 3 house purchases, and for life insurance. He’s always available to answer my questions, and always makes time for my cases, and even works outside of normal houses when we’ve needed to get something done quickly. Can’t recommend enough. 
22/07/2021 Glenn and Josie Austyn Johnson Austyn Johnson has been exemplary. I wish we had connected sooner. 
22/07/2021 Glenn and Josie Austyn Johnson excellent feedback throughout the process. 
22/07/2021 Glenn and Josie Austyn Johnson A totally professional approach with great awareness of our needs with age and being self employed. 
18/07/2021 Fiona John Stallan Suitability for my situation 
18/07/2021 Fiona John Stallan John Stallan was very easy to talk to and discuss all aspects of my financial requirements and most of all very professional explaining all my options 
16/07/2021 Hamada Austyn Johnson Knowledge of the market 
16/07/2021 Hamada Austyn Johnson Extremely happy with the service provided from start to finish! Austyn listened and understood the challenges I had to over come. He delivered by putting me on the right mortgage product, where previously 3 different broker failed. I’ll be sure to recommend Austyn going forward. Thanks again for all your help! 
14/07/2021 Jenny John Stallan Responsiveness and ability to find a deal when others could not 
14/07/2021 Colin John Constant John's knowledge and experience of the market was very impressive as was his fulsome answers to my questions. 
14/07/2021 Jenny John Stallan Excellent advice and very responsive. Also worked hard to get me the right deal 
09/07/2021 Craig and Rachel Austyn Johnson Austyn has been fantastic. He's really taken the time to explain not only the what's, but also the why's in the process, so I've always felt i know whats happening, whilst he's been looking after things. 
02/07/2021 Adam and Sarah Austyn Johnson The quickness of response to information. 
28/06/2021 Elliott and Amber Stephen Pears The property that we remortgaged was a particularly difficult case but Stephen worked well to find a suitable product. 
28/06/2021 Elliott and Amber Stephen Pears Stephen is always efficient, attentive, and a pleasure to work with. I have already recommended him to several colleagues and friends. 
15/06/2021 Roland and Annette John Stallan "John fully understood what we wanted to do with the equity release. He gave us options on provider and highlighted the alternatives of each option. He listened to our wishes and advised as to the best fit. John further assisted with helpful suggestions on legal advice as this was difficult to obtain locally during the pandemic. John always followed up on discussions and resolved any issues that can up. We were very happy with John's work." 
04/06/2021 Toby and Beverley Howard Reuben Howard is always on hand to answer questions and help resolve any concerns and he does it with genuine good humour. We've known Howard for a number of years and have always valued his help and advice. In short....We love Howard :) 
04/06/2021 Toby and Beverley Howard Reuben Our experience with HD Consultants has been excellent. Howard is an extremely trustworthy adviser and a consummate professional, going above and beyond to ensure that our financial needs are met. His open and honest approach make it a pleasure to do business with him, no question or issue is too small to answer or resolve which he does with genuine interest and concern for his clients' financial wellbeing. He's also a genuinely nice chap. 
03/06/2021 Austyn and Hayley John Stallan Nothing else needed 
03/06/2021 Austyn and Hayley John Stallan John's personal approach 
03/06/2021 ROXANA and LUCIAN Howard Reuben We were impressed by the avisor’s patience. He always finds time to explain us everything. Thank you! 
03/06/2021 Austyn and Hayley John Stallan "If Carlsberg made Advisers, they would end up with some pretty average ones. However, when Kloster Starkbier start making them, John will be leading the team. From one Adviser to another, keep up the amazing work." 
14/05/2021 Graeme Stephen Pears Stephen Pears 
14/05/2021 Graeme Stephen Pears I have used Stephen Pears for many years and he is always excellent. The best broker I've ever used. 
13/05/2021 Theo and Kate John Stallan Working with John has been an absolute pleasure. John has a really good knowledge of the industry and has been able to impart, patiently, a great to me. He's also gone above and beyond, on a tricky case. We're very happy to have found a broker we can trust, and like, going forward. 
12/05/2021 John Stephen Pears Personal contact 
12/05/2021 John Stephen Pears Clear and concise info about my mortgage. All went very smoothly. Excellent service 👍🏻 
21/04/2021 Steven and Alison Stephen Pears Very pleased with service provided whole process made simple highly recommend 
12/04/2021 Cheryl and Toby John Constant Quick work, good offer 
07/04/2021 Katy and Johnathan Austyn Johnson "From day one we were made to feel like priority. We had lost hope and were blown away but Austyn from Mortgages for A actors. Truly feel he made the impossible happen. Thank you" 
07/04/2021 Katy and Johnathan Austyn Johnson "From day one we were made to feel like priority. We had lost hope and were blown away by Austyn from Mortgages for Actors. Truly feel he made the impossible happen. Thank you" 
06/04/2021 Ellen and Ben Stephen Pears Was perfect throughout 
06/04/2021 Ellen and Ben Stephen Pears How approachable Stephen was and how helpful he was, even in situations that were beyond his control. He went above and beyond to try and help speed along our house purchase and was always at the end of the phone. 
06/04/2021 Ellen and Ben Stephen Pears Stephen was brilliant as an advisor. As first time buyers we were completely new to this and he was honest and helpful the whole time. His great service continued even once we had secured the mortgage offer and were having issues with our own solicitors. He went above and beyond to try to sort out any issues we were having. We’ve already recommended him to our family and friends and would definitely use him again in the future. 
21/03/2021 Thomas and Olivia Stephen Pears Very personal, invested service, Stephen was always available for a call and advice. Highly recommend. 
12/03/2021 Adam John Constant *****Great service! My broker found me really good deals, and will definitely use again in the future!***** 
09/03/2021 Mark and Eve Howard Reuben Everything was explained thoroughly, really friendly staff, definitely recommend 
09/03/2021 Mark and Eve Howard Reuben Great advice and very professional 
26/02/2021 Joanne Austyn Johnson What can be improved? ... Nothing! 
26/02/2021 Joanne Austyn Johnson The personable experience I had with Austyn. 
26/02/2021 Joanne Austyn Johnson "Austyn was so very thorough and extremely patient and helpful throughout the whole process. He was extremely efficient and was so easy to communicate with him. I would HIGHLY recommend him to all of my Actor/Creative industry friends." 
19/02/2021 David and Emma Stephen Pears Absolutely nothing, Stephen is absolutely brilliant with all aspects. There's no need to contact me but I'm more than happy to confirm what I've put. 
19/02/2021 Julie and Graham John Stallan His dedication to finding the best solution for us. 
19/02/2021 David and Emma Stephen Pears Nothing was a problem and the support remained right up until completion, I'd always presumed it would stop with the mortgage offer being accepted. 
19/02/2021 Julie and Graham John Stallan Adviser was thorough and went out if his way to get us what he thought was the very best solution for us. He took the time to understand our needs. He worked hard on coming up with a solution and supported us every step of the way, answering queries promptly and was always available by text or by phone. He is personable and professional. Very pleased with the service he gave. 
19/02/2021 David and Emma Stephen Pears I've already recommended Stephen to a colleague and wouldn't hesitate to recommend again. I'm hoping we've built a long working relationship as we look to buy more BTL properties. He really has gone above and beyond and been very valuable and patient throughout our journey. 
19/02/2021 Annette Howard Reuben We have had the pleasure of working with Howard Reuben for many years now. He is a delight to work with and his professionalism in not only in sourcing loans but also in understanding the needs of investors is unsurpassed. We look forward to many years of working with Howard and his team and wish them all success in their endeavours. 
12/02/2021 Roger and Jenivine John Stallan The service matched the already high reputation. 
03/02/2021 Dean John Stallan Quick replies to any queries but most of all was the personable and down to earth approach made by John made the experience a positive one. 
03/02/2021 Dean John Stallan Excellent experience from the first contact till completion. We will be back for more business in the near future. 
21/01/2021 Alexander and Alison Howard Reuben Always informative, helpful and quick! :) 
07/01/2021 Samantha Stephen Pears Improve? Nothing. 
07/01/2021 Samantha Stephen Pears Commitment and communication. I felt he was working solely for me and updated me at every step. 
07/01/2021 Samantha Stephen Pears Committed individual service. 100% input excellent communication. I absolutely cannot fault the life changing support and assistance Stephen provided. 
Theo & Kate 13/05/2021 John Stallan "Working with John has been an absolute pleasure. John has a really good knowledge of the industry and has been able to impart, patiently, a great to me. He's also gone above and beyond, on a tricky case. We're very happy to have found a broker we can trust, and like, going forward." 
Steven & Alison 21/04/2021 Stephen Pears Very pleased with service provided whole process made simple highly recommend 
Cheryl & Toby 12/04/2021 John Constant Quick work, good offer 
Katy & Johnathan 07/04/2021 Austyn Johnson From day one we were made to feel like priority. We had lost hope and were blown away by Austyn from Mortgages for Actors. Truly feel he made the impossible happen. 
Ellen & Ben 06/04/2021 Stephen Pears Stephen was brilliant as an advisor. As first time buyers we were completely new to this and he was honest and helpful the whole time. His great service continued even once we had secured the mortgage offer and were having issues with our own solicitors. He went above and beyond to try to sort out any issues we were having. We’ve already recommended him to our family and friends and would definitely use him again in the future. 
Matthew & Gillian 21/03/2021 Stephen Pears Stephen showed a high level of care and attention and, throughout the process, showed real professionalism to get our mortgage safely secured. 
Thomas & Olivia 21/03/2021 Stephen Pears Very personal, invested service, Stephen was always available for a call and advice. Highly recommend. 
Adam 12/03/2021 John Constant *****Great service! My broker found me really good deals, and will definitely use again in the future!***** 
Mark & Eve 09/03/2021 Howard Reuben Great advice and very professional 
Joanne 26/02/2021 Austyn Johnson Austyn was so very thorough and extremely patient and helpful throughout the whole process. He was extremely efficient and was so easy to communicate with him. 
Helena 21/02/2021 John Constant Excellent, friendly service. Our advisor was very happy to explain things that we didn't understand in clear terms. Very approachable. 
Julie & Graham 19/02/2021 John Stallan Adviser was thorough and went out if his way to get us what he thought was the very best solution for us. He took the time to understand our needs. He worked hard on coming up with a solution and supported us every step of the way, answering queries promptly and was always available by text or by phone. He is personable and professional. Very pleased with the service he gave. 
David & Emma 19/02/2021 Stephen Pears I've already recommended Stephen to a colleague and wouldn't hesitate to recommend again. I'm hoping we've built a long working relationship as we look to buy more BTL properties. He really has gone above and beyond and been very valuable and patient throughout our journey. 
Annette 19/02/2021 Howard Reuben We have had the pleasure of working with Howard Reuben for many years now. He is a delight to work with and his professionalism in not only in sourcing loans but also in understanding the needs of investors is unsurpassed. We look forward to many years of working with Howard and his team and wish them all success in their endeavours. 
Roger & Jenivine 12/02/2021 John Stallan The service matched the already high reputation. 
Dean 03/02/2021 John Stallan Excellent experience from the first contact till completion. We will be back for more business in the near future. 
Alexander & Alison 21/01/2021 Howard Reuben Always informative, helpful and quick! :) 
Samantha 07/01/2021 Stephen Pears Committed individual service. 100% input excellent communication. I absolutely cannot fault the life changing support and assistance Stephen provided. 
CRAIG & CAROLINE 28/12/2020 Howard Reuben Attentive and personal service from an experienced and efficient team. 
Muhammet & Mukadder 26/12/2020 Austyn Johnson Austyn clearly knows what he is doing and informs you every step throughout the mortgage process.I think that you can confidently move forward with his knowledge in the mortgage industry. 
Alan 24/12/2020 Howard Reuben We have been clients of HD Consultants for over 7 years and appreciate the friendly and very professional relationship we have which inspires enough confidence to suggest their name to others should the situation arise. 
Priya 22/12/2020 Austyn Johnson From initial conversation with Austyn which was a result of a cold call to him following issues with existing broker, his level of reassurance that he could resolve the issue we were encountering led to us appointing him to act for us for two BTL mortgages. These were smooth and efficient transactions and any bumps in the road were expertly navigated, his attention to detail and ownership of the process is second to none as he stays close to the application as if it was his own. Absolutely superb. Additionally, due to the high quality of service we have also purchased a number of life insurance protection products. 
Garry & Marilyn 21/12/2020 John Stallan John continues to give very specific advice on the questions posed and, where there is an option, clearly points out the advantages and disadvantages of each one. 
Glenn & Josie 21/12/2020 Austyn Johnson Austyn was a very focused and caring advisor.He was very professional and kept us upto date throughout the process. 
Andrew & Noemi 21/12/2020 Austyn Johnson Austyn was amazing and saved our purchase 
Gary & Kirsty 21/12/2020 John Stallan John has been a tremendous help to us giving help and advice about prospective properties and their mortgage ability. We see John as an extended member of our team and cannot praise him enough for the help he has given us so far and will continue to do over the coming years 
Helen 21/12/2020 John Stallan John is always very responsive, and tries to find a solution when any difficulties occur. Great service 
Antoniya & Gabriel-Daniel 17/11/2020 Oana-Andreea Salomie Thanks to Oana, very honest and helpfully advised me to the right path towards my house. 
Nicholas & Jennifer 16/11/2020 John Constant John has always been extremely helpful to us, and I have valued his advice for almost 20 years now. I will certainly recommend John to friends, colleagues, and anyone else who will listen. Nick 
Adam 16/11/2020 John Constant Very good communication. All of my needs were considered, and a number of great mortgages were found for me. All in all, a very effective service... will be using again! 
Ionut-Mihai & Kenya-Ioana 13/11/2020 Oana-Andreea Salomie Oana is a great person and an experience mortgage advisor! 
Richard & Jane 09/11/2020 John Stallan I have received consistently excellent service from John Stallan. 
Vasilica & Biatrice-Andreea 28/10/2020 Oana-Andreea Salomie Oana Salomie is a brilliant broker working with a fantastic team, I would highly recommend HD Consultants ! 
Daniel & Anamaria 15/10/2020 Oana-Andreea Salomie We received the best services and we had support the whole time during the process of mortgage and remortgage. 
SAMUEL & LOUISE 06/10/2020 Howard Reuben Howard was exceptional throughout the process. 
Charalampos & Anna 25/09/2020 Howard Reuben followed my instructions and got the job done. 
Victoria & Dean 21/09/2020 Howard Reuben Howard has been phenomenal throughout our whole house buying experience. As first time buyers, buying in a pandemic we were incredibly nervous of how the process would work. Howard kept us informed every step of the way, managed to do the impossible by securing us a 95% mortgage when most lenders had pulled these deals and ensured we managed to complete on our dream home. Thank you for being amazing 
Vasile-Sorin & Oana-Lidia 21/09/2020 Oana-Andreea Salomie Great customer service! 
Edward 11/09/2020 Stephen Pears Stephen was available for a call at all times and was able to help get the mortgage offer through when we had a time pressure. Would definitely recommend. 
Naomi 09/09/2020 John Constant My family and I have received nothing but first class service from John over the years and we appreciate all the advice and support he has provided us with. We always recommend him and will continue to do so! 
Brian & Catherine 28/08/2020 Stephen Pears Stephen has Been courteous, professional and always goes the extra mile in finding the best products available through all the years we have know him 
FAH 24/08/2020 John Stallan Excellent service throughout. 
Ayorinde & Feyisayo 22/08/2020 Austyn Johnson satisfactory 
Daniel & Nicola 21/08/2020 Stephen Pears I have used Stephen 3 times now due to the excellent service he provides. I have also recommended Stephen multiple times. I will be in touch in 5 years when the fixed rate finishes and I need another mortgage. 
Diane 18/08/2020 Austyn Johnson Very happy with the service provided and the helpfulness all the way through the process . Would most definitely recommend to others. 
Robert & Estelle 12/08/2020 Stephen Pears Howard and Stephen certainly went the extra mile to get my mortgage completed !! Much appreciated :) 
Peter & Katie 12/08/2020 Austyn Johnson I work in the industry and it was really refreshing to deal with a consultant who knew his stuff. Looking forward to you sorting out my product transfer! Thank you for every you have done for us. 
Alexandru & Dora 17/07/2020 Oana-Andreea Salomie Oana is just the best,she always have a good advice and makes all the process so easy for the client. I highly recommended her to my friends. 
"Howard understood what I needed and gave me great advice." 
Claire L 
30th April 2020 
"Austyn has been friendly and helpful. He has always kept me up to date with progress and tries to find the best mortgage deals for me.  
He is a credit to the company and I wish I had found him sooner!" 
Timothy B 
22nd April 2020 
"John Constant is my Broker. I used him before, so had a rapport already. I am most impressed with his swiftness and social manner." 
Patrick T.,  
14th April 2020 
"Jenny was always on hand to answer any of our questions and supported us in many ways throughout the process of buying our house. How friendly and willing to help Jenny was throughout the process from start to finish." 
Molly M 
17th April 2020 
"We have known Howard for many years and always respect his views and support when needed. As always a friendly and personal service, to which we trust." 
James and Rachael W 
14th April 2020 
"I found John Stallan to be very knowledgeable. 
He wanted to know my priorities first and then found products which might suit, and gave me very good advice not to look simply at interest rates which is what I did at first.  
Very happy with the service and time he gave. His thoroughness and the care he took to understand my needs and requirements, and explanations he gave in a financial area, where my own knowledge and experience was nil." 
21st April 2020 
"John Constant was thorough and sensitive to be personal circumstances and persevered to ensure he found the most suitable plan for my needs while explaining each step clearly. 
John's manner and personal approach was calm, uncomplicated and thorough, while also being very cautious and reassuring. I felt in safe hands." 
Melissa W 
15th April 2020 
"Howard is very knowledgeable. As a customer I don't always know what I need in terms of insurance as it is something that doesn't often cross my mind. But I have a general idea of what outcome I want to achieve.  
Howard has the knowledge to put some options forward after listening to me and through discussion.  
He is always very polite and patient. He is easily accessible through email and responds in a timely manner to communications which I find very reassuring, whilst in an otherwise stressful situation such as selling and buying a house. 
I felt reassured that the best options had been presented, and choices were given. I did not feel pressured." 
9th April 2020 
"Jenny was exemplary in her attention to detail, and above all, her empathy with my personal situation with my mortgage requirements. Jenny's knowledge in her subject matter was faultless. 
I had spoken to several mortgage brokers during my search, and the majority appeared to just go through a tick box process. Jenny went above and beyond for what was needed to help me and my daughter find our perfect home." 
John F 
18th April 2020 
"Oana showed professionalism and high standards of care. She answered us all the questions we asked. We will definitely recommend her to friends and family. Thanks Oana. 
Impressed most by her knowledge and interest in keeping us happy and satisfied" 
9th April 2020 
"Everything that was done was accurate and efficient. Our advisor, Jenny, was unbelievably helpful and frequently went above and beyond to get things completed and ensure we understood what was going on at every step.  
Would highly recommend." 
8th April 2020 
"Really happy with Oana's service. Very helpful and professional. Very reliable and approachable. Will answer any questions at any time." 
Marius-Emanuel & Ina-Mihaela 5th April 2020 
For Jenny reeves; "Approach, understanding, delivery, communication, empathy, support. A job well done." 
Robert and Gillian 4th April 2020 
"John Constant is knowledgeable, friendly & helpful. Even though the process for getting all the protections in place was rather drawn out and a bit dull, John kept us going through it with advice & information when required. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend John for protection policies, or mortgages, where has been of great assistance to us" 
"What were you most impressed with? ... John's overall demeanour and knowledge" 
Toby and Cheryl Wiggs 2nd April 2020 
Austyn was very professional, knowledgeable and responsive. 
Much appreciated. 
Kim Nixon 2nd January 2020 
Oana ... Amazing and very helpful team! 
Many thanks for your help and advice! 
Andreea Bejan 4th December 2019 
We could not be happier with your service, it really was first rate.  
We thank you.  
But on a more personal note, Jenny, our advisor, has to be one of the nicest, most professional, and helpful people we have ever dealt with in our life. That is no exaggeration.  
At every stage of the process, every hurdle and obstacle ( and there were many of these, most of them, to be honest, caused by our lack of knowledge ), Jenny held our hands through it all.  
She was always patient with our lack of ability in getting all the documentation needed, always had the answers to our questions, and always explained things so that we knew exactly where we were, at every step.  
Her commitment to our needs was amazing, and it felt like we had our own, personal, financial advisor, who was just waiting at the end of the phone, for our calls and queries.  
We cannot praise her enough, and if the rest of your staff are anything like as good as her, then we must say a massive well done to you all.  
Peter Bone 15th December 2019 
Thank you to Howard for talking me through every detail and answering (my hundreds of) questions so patiently! 
Took the stress out of so many decisions for me. 
Jaymie-Leigh Baker 10th December 2019 
We have used Stephen on many occasions in the past and will continue to do so in the future.  
Stephen has always went above and beyond in finding products and advising on them.  
A fantastic person and needs a substantial pay rise!! 
Brian Costello 6th November 2019 
I am happy with the relation I had with my adviser, Oana Salomie.  
She was able to explain everything regarding what time was night or day, 
She was polite and friendly. 
The process was going smoothly and in a familiar atmosphere. 
Eugeniu Rusu 25th October 2019 
John was excellent in explaining finance to me - a very difficult things as I am practically innumerate! 
He was kind, obliging and very patient. 
I should certainly use his services again should the need arise and recommend him to others. 
Miss Susan Morris-White 7th October 2019 
Oana did an amazing job all the way through, she was always there to answer any questions. 
Her professionalism was way above expectation. 
Mariana Tatu 2nd October 2019 
John Constant has diligently taken care of all of our mortgages/remortgages over the last 10 years. 
Each time, he's worked efficiently to take care of everything, making the process smooth and hassle free - he works proactively and preemptively to ensure that no detail is missed. 
I wouldn't for a second consider future remortgaging without John's expert assistance! 
Dan Ambrose, 7th November 2019 
Oana, I really appreciated everything what you doing for us. 
Very responsive and quickly. 
I highly recommended 
Elena Natu 9th September 2019 
I found Stephen very straightforward and easy to deal with. 
He took trouble to ensure I understood the whole process, and carried out all transactions and communications which fell to him promptly and accurately. 
I would recommend him to friends, and would not hesitate to seek his help with any future transactions of my own. 
Hazel FitzSimons 2nd September 2019 
"Please find my testimonial below, for the work John Stallan has completed on my life insurance and critical illness cover: 
I could not have felt in better hands through my journey in organising my life insurance and critical illness cover. 
John at HD Consultants is so thorough and always had my best interests at heart the whole way through the process. 
He explained everything to me and was at the end of the phone/email whenever I had a question. 
I feel confident, through John’s expertise, that I have the best policies for me at this stage of my life and career. Knowing he is there to help, when my circumstances change in the future, is so reassuring. 
Thank you John for everything." 
Mel Poole, 2nd May 2019 
Thank you so much for our card it was a lovely surprise & we have put it up in our living room as you made our home a possibility and we are there because of you. 
Thank you for everything you did, 
You was there for us at a really scary time and made it easy and simple. 
We could not have done it without you 
You are a credit to your company. 
Kerry & Iain 18th September 2019 
Fantastic service from John Stallan. 
He made the process simple and hassle free. 
He found us a great mortgage and was always on hand to answer any questions and queries we had. 
We will not hesitate to use him again. 
James England 15th September 2019 
I am more than happy to give a testimonial , I jumped at the chance! 
John Constant is professional, knowledgeable and very efficient. 
From remortgaging to further advances, securing the best mortgage deals , John has the whole package. 
It's not just this that gives John Constant the edge, it's the amount of times I called him, various times throughout the day/ evenings for advice or questions I needed answers to and every single time John Constant was reassuring and knowing and I could not get hold of him I would leave a message, john always got back to me. 
I felt reassured, a comforting feeling knowing that I was in safe , polished experienced hands. 
Thank you so much. 
Michael Reid 
Buy to let investor 19th March 2019 
“We are extremely happy with the service provided, can not recommend them enough. 
We recommended them to some friends which are close to completion as well.  
I would give 10 out of 5 to Oana Salomie, professional, committed, went above and beyond to make sure we get all our documents in time. 
We managed to find a property and move in within less than 2 months, thanks to her advice and we rest assured that all our life and house insurances are in place, didn't need to lift a finger as she's done it all for us. Best service ever. 
Thank you very much.” 
Alexandru Andreianu 6th March 2019 
The service from Caroline Maguire was excellent. She is a thorough professional and is the reason why i keep coming back to HD Consultants. I am delighted with the level of expertise and communication offered. Thanks 
Wilbur Pires 24th January 2019 
"There aren't enough words to explain how happy my husband and I are with the services that we were provided. 
Oana couldn't do enough to help us. She went beyond the extra mile to get us through everything and we will be forever grateful for that. 
She made the mortgage application seem so easy. She explained us everything, answered to all our questions and settled us so so much in what can be a "very stressful time" getting a mortgage. 
We cannot recommend enough HD Consultants especially Oana which was just "Perfection! From start to the end" 
Alina Radic 7th July 2018 
"Hi Howard 
I just wanted to let you know that we have been so impressed with Jenny. 
I initially called you along with other brokers and have been dealing with all, to start with, to see who could come up with the best deal 
There is something very special about Jenny, she has kept me informed and has thought of ideas 'outside the box' to try and get us the best possible deal and has listened and understood our plight . 
Because of her, we decided that we would not go ahead with any other broker, as she has made us feel she is fighting our corner and although we haven't yet got a deal I know that she has our best interest at heart 
and will find the best deal out there for us. 
She calls me with all updates and I can say her customer service skills are off the chart. 
She is definitely a credit to your Company 
Best wishes" 
Jacqui Cook 13th July 2018 
"I would like to thank Howard and HD Consultants for the easy process that allowed me to obtain a mortgage to release monies from my property for home improvements. 
Howard was very good at talking me through the procedures and making sure that I understood each step along the way. 
I would personally recommend Howard and H D Consultants for their professional approach." 
Susan Pattrick, 18th April 2018 
"Would just like to say that from Day One, which happened to be a Sunday, Oana went flat out to secure me remortgages at much better rates than I had been offered up until that point, and has worked tirelessly to push the Conveyancers to get the mortgages over the line, even when on holiday, despite my telling to wait until she returned home. 
This young lady is a star and, not only that, a pleasure to deal with, as she has patience, coupled with a great sense of humour. 
I couldn't recommend her highly enough, she's a consumate professional and a credit to HD." 
Terry Davis, 25th June 2018 
"Thank you so much Howard for your help with our mortgage five years ago, and also our recent mortgage renewal. 
Really great service and help, and happy to answer any of our questions at any point." 
Melanie Hargreaves, 18th April 2018 
"Oana helped us source 2 x BTL re-mortgages with no fuss or drama - thanks" 
Denise Doms - 22nd January 2018 
"My wife and I wanted to obtain a re-mortgage and additional funds for home improvement. 
Oana found us a great deal and kept us updated throughout the process. When we encountered delays with the lender's solicitor, Oana chased them daily until it was sorted. Thank you for all your help." 
Phil Moulsher - 26th January 2018 
"I’m thoroughly happy with all of the help, support and advice given by Howard and Eve. Many thanks." 
Sam Billinge Jan 2nd 2018 
"Hi Howard, 
I would like to share our outstanding experience with John Stallan in helping us to secure a buy to let mortgage for our London new build investment flat. 
John took the time to really get to know us and our lending needs and preferences then researched options and suggested the best BTL mortgage products for us to consider. 
He followed up with the two lenders we were considering to confirm if there were any special considerations with the type of new build flat that we purchased enabling us to select a very competitive lender that made us an offer shortly afterwards. 
He regularly kept us informed of the our mortgage application status and requests from the lender, resulting in a quick offer with minimal effort and stress. 
The overall experience with John and HD Consultants was significantly better than applying on our own with our bank for our last investment property and helped us understand broader options. 
John was an absolute pleasure to work with and earned our confidence, trust and respect delivering a great outcome with our important financing needs. 
We will definitely request broker services from John and HD Consultants for our next property. 
Thanks for your outstanding service John and HD Consultants! 
Thanks! Kevin" 
Kevin Lasitz 23rd September 2017 
Testimonial for John Stallan from Alan Butler, July 2017 
(click here for large version) 
"Caroline Maguire was extremely diligent and helpful when recommending and providing me with her services in aid of my life cover. I would no doubt be recommending her to my friends and family!" 
23/03/2017 Amy Hounsell 
"I have used John Constant on multiple occasions and have always been extremely happy with the outcome and his ability to find an appropriate mortgage product for me. He excels at understanding my specific financial situation." 
Michael Armstrong 27/04/2017 
"John Stallan was professional, efficient, and courteous in all his written and face to face communications with me. 
He outlined the various mortgage products and gave me what I considered very sound advice. 
He simplified everything and made the whole process simple and pain free. 
I was kept informed by John at each stage of the process. 
I was delighted with John's service. 
It is refreshing to work with a financial adviser who was truly interested in their client’s needs, circumstances and preferences. 
I will avail of John's advice and services for any other future mortgage work, and I will have no hesitation in recommending HD consultants to family and friends." 
David Barrett, Client, June 2017 
"Just a couple of months ago we were given an unexpected notice by our landlord who required his property to be vacant. 
We hadn’t planned on moving house until early 2017 so this completely left us in the lurch. 
As first-time buyers we did not really know what we were doing. You guided us explaining all the options clearly. 
You also picked up on several errors from the builders and the solicitors which we wouldn’t have noticed. 
Not once did you ever seem put out in any way. You were always extremely responsive to queries, no matter how small. 
You responded to messages and even called me whilst you were on your holiday just to make sure we had everything in order to proceed. 
It is thanks to your assistance that we have now moved into our dream home within just 60 days and we could not have done it without you. 
You wholeheartedly went above and beyond the call of duty and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others. 
Warmest regards" 
David Maurer, Full Power Utilities, 6th September 2016 
"Caroline processed our information very quickly. 
As it turned out Caroline was quickly able to determine that products available in our case were higher cost than our current product. 
Although the objective was to raise capital via remortgage, it was not a financially positive way to go. 
We will definitely come back to Caroline in future, when we are ready to reinvest after planned disposals." 
Gerry, August 2016 
"Howard was recommended to me by a mutual friend. 
His dedication and determination to solve problems is unbelievable. 
I thought all I needed was a standard BTL mortgage, but as time went on more and more problems arose. 
What we had thought to be a straightforward purchase of two flats for letting turned out to be far more complicated with a freehold, two leases and three various owners to contend with. 
Howard helped solved each and every one of them professionally and without fuss. He and his team are amazing. 
I will most definitely recommend him to anyone who asks if I know of a reliable, professional broker and will be returning to him myself in due course for a remortgage." 
Chrisi Evans - August 2014 
"I wanted to write to express my appreciation of your help recently to remortgage our rental property. Due to your hard work getting to know us properly the process has been fast and efficient, yet diligent, and we have always felt fully informed and aware of all our options. 
Not only are we able to switch to a mortgage product with a lower interest rate and lower monthly payments but the new mortgage is flexible fitting our circumstances perfectly. Many thanks for all your hard work, we will be recommending you to all our family and friends in future." 
John Lawley, June 2016 
“We're pleased to present HD Consultants with the “Best Buy-to-Let Mortgage Firm of the Year Award”. Our award winners are all measured against a number of high quality measures, which ensure that the business is consistently putting their customers at the heart, and providing great outcomes for them. It is a great opportunity to recognise HD Consultant’s hard work and celebrate all that they achieved throughout 2013.” 
Max Wright, CEO of Personal Touch Financial Services 
January 2014 
“Howard is a rare find in today's world. 
He is open, honest and very committed with oodles of integrity. 
He really does want to give you the best advice possible that matches your needs and situation and never tires of endless questions. 
Finance, money, investments actually make sense with Howard.” 
Bev Jackson - hired Howard as a Financial Advisor in 2009 
“Howard is an extremely knowledgeable and forward thinking financial services professional, from personal experience Howard has a vast knowledge of the financial services world and is well placed to ensure his clients are positioned in the best possible way and their financial needs are met.” 
Colin Gunnell, Regional Sales Manager (London), Personal Touch Financial Services, worked directly with Howard at H D Group of Companies 
"I have worked with Howard and his team on many occasions and always found him to be knowledgeable and professional. 
He is good fun to be around and has a genuine desire to provide the best advice for his clients which is no doubt why he has such a successful track record.” 
Paul Besley - hired Howard as a Financial Advisor in 2004 
“Howard has become the only person I would turn to when needing financial planning advice or help. If it has been insurance, mortgages or the many other services he has provided me other the years I know Howard has only had my best interests in his mind.” 
Andy Green - hired Howard as a Financial Advisor in 2005 
“I have known Howard for several years. I admire his enthusiasm and work ethic. He is easy to get along with and employs high moral standards.” 
Martin Wilson, ex-Chairman, Personal Touch Financial services Limited 
“Howard is a positive, solutions based individual who will think out of the box to provide results for his clients and his team.” 
Dev Malle, Sales & Marketing Director, Personal Touch FS 
"Howard's top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity" 
Danny Nieberg, Client, first hired Howard as a Financial Advisor in 2005 
“Howard is the "go to" guy for all things financial. Howard sorted out my new mortgage and life insurance, improved the packages I hold and saved me money. 
Howard also keeps you updated in every step of the process. 
I cannot recommend Howard highly enough. Fantastic service and a pleasure to deal with. Howard is definitely on my Christmas card list.” 
David Crowley Aff CIBSE MBIFM, Client 
“I provided compliance services for Howard and his team, during this time I found him and his team to be very aware of their responsibilities, an excellent eye to detail and a genuine desire to provide exceptional customer service. I have no hesitation in recommending Howard to any future business partners” 
From our external Compliance Officer - Neil Laughton, Owner, Clear Consulting 
“I have no hesitation in recommending Howard Reuben and his company HD Consultants. In the many years I have worked with Howard I have always found him both professional & diligent in dealing with the tasks set. This, married to his friendly customer approach has & will prove a winning formula for his company.” 
Paul Flavin, Managing Director, Miura Financial Solutions Ltd 
“Howard knows and understands the business extremely well and is therefore in a position to offer a balanced and objective solution for his clients. He is reliable, driven and determined but maintains an affability which draws people to him and allows him to get to know his clients and their individual needs. His product knowledge is exceptional across types which allow him to tailor a complete solution for his clients which they can be confident will fulfil their requirements.” 
From Matthew Campbell, Client 
“I have been involved in marketing and referrals with Howard for 5 years now and his enthusiasm and energy have always been admirable. Howard and I have many mutual clients, his service to them has always been first class.” 
Paul Twyford, Chartered Financial Planner, PT Financial Management Ltd 
“Howard is always looking to expand on opportunities, he is driven and dynamic in his attitude to achieving his goals. He has been very innovative within expanding his industry. I would have no problem recommending Howard for anything.” 
Amanda Wilson, Business Development Manager, U-tax Limited 
“We have always found Howard a reliable, cost effective and efficient person to work with. He has been able to turn complicated requests around with the minimum of fuss and bother, and has the most brilliant "can do" attitude. Would strongly recommend him and his company!" 
Andi Baron , Client 
"The competence and professionalism of my adviser, Oana Salomie, impresses me most. 
Everything was solved in a professional manner" 
Lacramioara & Liviu 
20th April 2020 
"Howard always provides the best advice and service. 
What am I most impressed with? Howard's speed, and he and his team always take away the pressure away from us." 
Glen B 
20th April 2020 
"Jenny is knowledgable, professional and highly efficient. She understands our needs and priorities. When an obstacle arises she uses her industry knowledge and contacts to resolve anything which it is possible to resolve. 
All transactions are proactively followed up through every stage and causes of delays identified and resolved." 
Patrick & Kathleen 
11th April 2020 
" I had two properties that I needed to remortgage & one of which needed to be transferred as well as acquiring a new Mortgage . I was feeling daunted until I had my first meeting with John Constant, at which time I was continually reassured . In spite of the additional complications of Covid-19 all transactions were completed with ease and help when needed. 
I was completely satisfied and very grateful to have John always available for my questions and occasional panics . 
I think because I had been worrying about these transactions for sometime it was a great relief to discover that I had found an advisor who would eliminate my worries . I suddenly felt that a huge burden had been lifted from me and am delighted with the outcome . John was very reassuring and I appreciated that I could contact him at any time it really made a difference . 
I now realise how important it is to have an expert on hand !" 
Victoria W 
18th April 2020 
"We are very grateful for the advice and support received during the process. Oana has been amazing, very supportive to help our dream come true.  
We would recommend HD consultants anytime for their professional service and performance." 
Oana-Alina & Silviu-Lucian 
11th April 2020. 
Q. Re your service from John Stallan - What were you most impressed with? A. "The clear and simple way is which the process was explained." 
"Mr Stallan was understanding and made all his advice very clear <> and he made it very simple for me to see what he was proposing." 
Susan BM 4th April 2020 
"Stephen Pears is an Impressive consultant, i couldn't praise him enough. He certainly goes the extra mile, and i think the services provided and the way they are provided are a model for others/ other sectors to follow." 
Mr CP 4th April 2020 
Q. What were you most impressed with? - A. "John Stallan's communication through the process, and even at point of completion - he always gets in contact to wish us well." 
Alexandra Coles 4th April 2020 
As a first time buyer, Stephen was incredibly helpful at talking me through every step and was always on hand to help, no matter what time of day.  
He made the whole process really smooth and stress-free for me and I would recommend him to anyone that asked. 
Amy Greenham 23rd December 2019 
A big thank you to Oana and all HD Consultants team. 
Great communication and support during the process. 
Thank you 
Emanuel Danga 21st November 2019 
As always it’s a pleasure dealing with Caroline. 
As I have done in the past I will always recommend her services to other people! 
Matthew Watson 21st November 2019 
Jenny Reeves has been handling my case to get mine and my mums mortgage approved. 
She has been excellent from start to finish. 
Knowing the difficulties that this case would be considering my mums age of 70 did not stop her from trying her upmost best. Any queries I had even out of her working hours she would answer without delay. We've had setbacks with lenders because of the age factor, however Jenny has been supportive throughout the whole experience. 
We just had our mortgage approved and I couldn't believe it! 
To be honest even if it did not get approved I would be writing this same review. Because I truly believe anyone who's lucky to have Jenny on their mortgage corner will have a head start. 
Thank you again! 
Kishen and Lalita Parmar, 13th November 2019 
"Oana. The best adviser" 
Anatolie Mihnia 25th October 2019 
Steve was very good once again.  
Followed my remortgage through from start to finish. 
Would definitely recommend him. 
Joseph Smith 28th August 2019 
Oana, is an excellent person!  
She is very professional!  
I will recommend Oana to my friends and family! 
Claudiu-Leonard Bejan 21st November 2019 
I have already recommended Stephen to friends and family. 
Jane Learmonth 10th October 2019 
Jenny Reeves was fantastic and made me feel safe during a scary process being out first home I am so glad she was there .  
Thank you for all her help and support. 
Kerry Lyons 17th September 2019 
Oana Salomie was superb throughout the whole process.  
She matched the right product to suit my needs and she did so in such a professional and seamless manner.  
She was always available to take my calls and her advice was spot on.  
I trust her implicitly and I feel very lucky to have found such a good broker. Fantastic, professional service! I would highly recommend.  
Many thanks Oana and the whole team.! 
Edith Rosca 12th September 2019 
Austyn Johnson is a credit to your company. 
From day one he was very thorough, concise, helpful & friendly. 
He kept us regularly updated from the application process until completion. 
All the added little touches were very much appreciated & we’re looking forward to seeing him again when our fixed term expires. 
Rob Sutherby 5th August 2019 
Scores out of 5 for your Financial Adviser: Caroline Maguire 
Financial Product(s) arranged: .............BTL Remortgage 
I found it easy to arrange an appointment with the Adviser: ........................5 
The Adviser was clear and polite: ..........................5 
The Adviser was able to answer any questions I had in a way that was clear and that was easily understood: ..........................5 
The Adviser presented and explained the documents which detailed the types and costs of the services that were available: .........................5 
The Adviser kept me informed before, during and after the transaction: ...................5 
I understand what the cost of the advice was and what I was being charged: ...........5 
The Adviser asked me questions about my personal and financial circumstances and my long and short term objectives / goals before making me a recommendation:.................... 5 
On making the recommendation, the Adviser explained the benefits and risks of the product(s) recommended in a clear way that was easily understood: ........................5 
I understand how the product recommended meets my objectives / goals and why it was recommended: ...........................5 
I would be happy to recommend the Adviser to my family and / or friends:................. 5 
Sandra Powley, 10th May 2019 
“Stephen Pears always kept me updated on my mortgage application, no matter how busy he was I always got an email update at the end of the day.” 
Narinder Ruprai 3rd March 2019 
“I was happy with everything ,excellent service. 
I am more than happy to recommend Oana Salomie to my friends/family” 
Maria Timis 11th March 2019 
“Stephen Pears is helpful, courteous, knowledgeable about the products he suggests, and reliably willing to process applications as soon as possible.” 
Elliott Ford 20th March 2019 
"After having a negative experience when we started our journey of purchasing our own home and seeing our hopes flying away one by one due to an inexperienced and careless broker ( from a different company), one of our friends has recommended us Oana Salomie from HD Consultants 
She was exceptionally knowledgeable, extremely professional and polite, very patient and flexible. She has explained everything to us from the beginning, there was no uncertainty at any point during the process, she's made all the appropriate recommendations with out trying to up sell. 
Our AIP was applied for and received within less than a day, we had received the mortgage offer straight away from the 1st recommended lender, we have received all recommendations in regards to the solicitors and support with our insurances. She has made things so easy for us, any question had a satisfactory answer and solution. 
I will 100% recommend you to anyone I know and I am looking forward to work with you in the future. 
Thank you to the whole team at HD Consultants, and special thanks to Oana Salomie who helped making our dream come true." 
Ana-Maria Andreianu 26th February 2019 
"Thanks to John Constant, who had the great idea of releasing equity from my own home, when I was struggling to find a lender who would let me rent the secured property to my daughter. 
John then went on to find a competitive product" 
Helen Rodger 1st March 2019 
Stephen Pears is excellent!  
He's the best broker I've ever used. 
Graeme Summers, 31st January 2019 
I found Oana Salomie on facebook on mum groups! 
From the first time i spoke with her it was like we known each other forever! 
She is extremelly confident, she knows what she is doing/saying and she has a response/solution for everything! 
We had a complicated situation but Oana was on top of it everyday! I am surprised how fast we got answers for everything, she was available any time for us and she always had a response for our questions! 
She is an ANGEL and she is also very professional! 
I would always recommend her with my friends, family and mum groups! This world needs more people like her! I am very very happy that i met her! Thank you Oana for everything you've done for us! 
Gabriela Popa 28th June 2019 
"John Stallan, I just wanted to say a few words about the service I have received from you. 
I had contacted two other brokers before I was recommended to you, without success. From the first contact we had, I felt that you were positive and proactive, in a way which others were not. 
You went out of your way to locate a lender who was willing to take on the re-mortgage, which obviously wasn’t an easy task, as no-one else had managed it. Your fact-finding process was also much friendlier than others I have experienced. 
The journey was somewhat lengthy and, at times, convoluted and involved lots of emails and telephone calls. Your attitude and general approach through all of this helped me to maintain my sense of humour! 
We have now come to a satisfactory conclusion of the matter and I can now breathe a little more easily. 
Thanks again. I would happily use your services if ever needed in the future and would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for a first-class broker. 
Garry O’Brien 3rd July 2018 
"I have been working with John Constant for 3 years now and I find he is always helpful, knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile to help me." 
Caroline Borg, 18th May 2018 
"Mr Reuben was so helpful all the way through the application process and kept me updated without me chasing and even after he had done his work, phoned to make sure all was ok" 
Top service will be using his services again. 
Old school does what he says . 
Trying to find a reason not to give him top marks, but cannot think of anything he let me down on . 
Kind Regards" 
Steve Baker, 3rd May 2018 
"An exceptionally helpful Mortgage Advisor, John Stallan contacted me after 5 seperate other advisors couldn't help me and my girlfriend. We needed two quite specific mortgages to fit our requirements and through effective communication remotely, and then numerous appointments with us both in person, he managed to find a number of products that suited our needs. 
His diligent commitment to ensuring our application was absolutely perfect prior to submittal was critical in ensuring we encountered no negative issues on application. Despite the difficult task, his excellent advice and guidance enabled us to complete simultaneously on one remortgage and one new purchase together. 
I have already recommended his services to a number of my family and close friends. When the time comes, he will be my only choice for remortgage. Thank you from the both of us." 
Ollie and Steph, West Sussex, 11th January 2018 
"Thank you very much for coming over again today, John <> It was truly nice talking to you. 
I feel so much happier that the loan & the insurances & a will are now decided so that I will be truly ready for the new adventures which is my new investment journey. 
Without your & Caroline’s support I won’t be here today. 
Thank you so much again!!" 
Hitomi Yamagishi 
23rd November 2017 
"Stephen Pears is brilliant. Undoubtedly the best broker I've ever used by a mile. No wonder so many landlords and investors recommend him." 
Graeme Summers 18/01/2017 
"Following a recommendation, a meeting with Howard was easily arranged. 
He was concise and thorough during our meeting, followed up by emailed information and advice. 
The remortgage process went smoothly and is now complete. 
I would recommend HD Consultants without hesitation." 
Martin Davies 22/02/2017 
"Stephen is a credit to your company. 
I have already recommended him to a family member and will most certainly contact him when we need to refinance. 
Alistair Kirkhope 20/12/2016 
"Amazing service received from Howard Reuben at HD Consultants. Everything was very clearly explained and we received an offer within 48 hours of the application being made. Would not hesitate to recommend HD Consultants to anyone that requires a professional friendly and knowledgeable advisor." 
Mark Firmin, April 2017 
"Oana found me a very competitive BTL mortgage which suited my requirements perfectly. 
She chased down the solicitors when they were late and kept me informed every step of the way. 
I'll have no hesitation in calling upon her services again at renewal time and have already recommended her and HD to others. 
Great job, thanks!" 
Andy Quinn, April 2018 
(sent to one of our Introducers) 
I just wanted to say a big thank you, I have managed to get my lease extensions underway on my flats this year, and I've also purchased three new properties, become a member of the landlord association and taken the necessary insurance out, and I wouldn't of done that without your help and your fantastic forum which I find of great value. 
Thank you for recommending HD Consultants for me." 
Matthew Dorrington 10th December 2015 
"I am extremely happy with the advice and recommendations my advisor (Howard Reuben) gave me. 
He was knowledgeable and informative about the buy-to-let market and the range of mortgage options available to me. 
Thanks to his clear speaking, I fully understand how the products he recommended will work to my benefit. 
I could not recommend this company any higher." 
Fiona O'Brien-Smith, February 2016 
"I am pleased to tell you that completion took place today and I have received the money. 
Many, many thanks for making this such a smooth process and I appreciate all you help. 
If I am ever able to recommend you to anyone I will certainly do so" 
Nina Clark, April 2015 
"My investment partner and I knew we were in for an up-hill struggle to obtain our buy-to-let mortgage due to our complex residency status. 
However, Caroline was determined to help us and she did so every step of the way with a friendly and personal service as standard. 
We would most definitely recommend Caroline's services to our family, friends and colleagues as we felt in good hands throughout the duration of the process." 
Adam and Paul, January 2015 
“My wife and I were incredibly fortunate to discover HD Consultants. 
We had a complex application involving a very short lease, an estate planning transfer, a sizeable loan and numerous ensuing lender requests, all of which Howard Reuben attended to with great thoroughness that enabled a successful and speedy completion. 
We are profoundly grateful to Howard for his enduring patience, professionalism and persistence and could not recommend him more highly.” 
Maxim Parr, CEO, Quercus Associates - January 2014 
"Having known Howard for several years for business dealings we are always impressed by his vigour, acumen and passion. 
HD Consultants continue to win high level awards, deservedly so and we look forward to seeing more awards in the future." 
Peter Matheson, February 2015 
"Stephen Pears arranged my initial mortgage and subsequent mortgage when I moved home. On each occasion, Stephen took the time to listen and understand my circumstances and needs, in order to find the best mortgage package for me. 
I would have struggled to navigate the vast array of mortgage deals available myself and found Stephen’s expert knowledge and experience invaluable. I was particularly reassured by the way Stephen considered the risks involved and gave me confidence that he had my interests in mind completely. Stephen is my first point of contact for financial advice and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others as well. 
Rachel Frost November 2013 
"I'd like to thank Caroline so much for her relentless effort, positivity and professionalism . 
I'm not sure how we would have coped without her. 
She made the whole process easy to understand and gave me great confidence with each decision we had to make." 
Tom Ollerton, October 2014 
"I have worked with Howard on a number of transactions and he always goes the extra mile to get the deal done. 
Proactive customer service and an ability to get results where others make excuses mean I will continue to give Howard my business and have no need to look elsewhere." 
Mr P Kaye - August 2014 
“Howard is always on the front foot looking at ways in which to bring value into his business. 
Through the HD Group he has provided a sound base for professionals operating in financial services markets, allowing them to apply their trade in a safe, controlled and innovative environment. 
I have no hesitation in endorsing Howard’s position and I very much hope that our companies explore ways in which we could conduct business with one another in the not too distant future.” 
Martin Wilcocks, Chief Executive, Wilcocks & Associates. 
“Considering the breadth of quality in the PTFS network, we at Shawbrook are delighted to see H D Consultants winning the award as Buy to Let Mortgage Firm of the year and we know from our experience and relationship with Howard and his team that this is very much well deserved and hard earned.” 
Stephen Johnson, Managing Director of Commercial Mortgages 
Shawbrook Bank, January 2014 
“We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Caroline J. Maguire of H.D. Consultants to any clients who wish to receive a superb financial service. 
Not only did we receive an excellent rate from the lender for our mortgage, we also reduced our term and well under our budget. 
Our Advisor was extremely knowledgeable on products available but more so most personable, friendly, and conscientious with all paperwork at every stage. Altogether, a stress-free experience! 
Mr & Mrs D Busby, 6th September 2013 
“I would recommend Howard as a financial adviser. 
He understands your needs and will do his utmost to get a positive response to your requests” 
Daniel Dancygier - Hired Howard as a Financial Advisor in 2012 
"As only a prospective client only, I was very grateful for the advice provided by Caroline and in such a down to earth but factual manner. 
I can now proceed to carry out the plan discussed and raise finance on a buy to let in due course. 
Many thanks" 
Edwin Gardiner 25th October 2013 
“Howard has helped me many times with a wide range of financial requests and he has always come up trumps - thank you Howard.” 
Euan Boyd-Wallis - hired Howard as a Financial Advisor in 1996 
“Howard was recommended to me by a close friend when I needed a mortgage (2003). Since then I have used his services on several occasions and have always ended up with a sensible, value for money product. Howard and his network of associates are always professional and approachable.” 
Gary Coles - hired Howard as a Financial Advisor in 2003 
“Howard is the consummate professional and I would recommend his work to anybody.” 
Justin Hawes, Regional Sales Manager, Personal Touch Financial Services Limited 
“I've worked with Howard, and known Howard for many years. Howard is an extremely driven and dynamic individual. He is creative and has been very innovative within his industry. I would have no problem recommending Howard for anything.” 
Paul McGonigle, Owner, Positive Lending Limited 
“I've worked with Howard, and known Howard for many years. Howard is an extremely driven and dynamic individual. He is creative and has been very innovative within his industry. I would have no problem recommending Howard for anything.” 
Paul McGonigle, Owner, Positive Lending Limited 
"Hi Neil. Many thanks indeed for your prompt response and offer to refer me to Howard. I have actually emailed Howard and am just off the phone with Stephen, who works with Howard - who I must say was excellent. 
Many thanks again. " 
Steve Lampshire 14th October 2013 
“Howard is a devoted professional. He is passionate about best advice and client care. He has an eye for detail!” 
From our external Compliance Officer - Paul Cunningham, T&C Supervisor, Personal Touch Financial Services Limited 
“I began to work with Howard at H D Consultants over 5 years ago. I have enjoyed working with Howard over this time and hope to continue to work with him for the next 5 years! Howard is always extremely professional and dedicated to all his clients. I look forward to working with Howard on other areas over the coming months.” 
Emma Mason, Senior Account Manager, Goldsmith Williams Solicitors 
“During the years I have known Howard, he has always acted in a very professional manner. I have found him to be very approachable, polite and helpful.” 
Lyn Perrett, IFA Business Development Manager, Personal Touch Financial Services Limited 
“Howard is always looking for the best deal for his clients and provides the correct information first time so a quick decision can be made to everybody’s satisfaction.” 
Peter Turner, Commercial Director, AToM (All Types of Mortgages Ltd) 
“Howard meets his deadlines and his promises. A rare thing these days. Always striving to be one of the best as well as imaginative with solutions.” 
Stephen Oliver, Owner, The Will Company, worked with Howard at H D Group of Companies 
Would you like to add a testimonial commenting on the service you have provided? 
If so, thank you, and please provide your details opposite > 
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