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Howard Reuben CeMap, CeRER, CII (M&P)  H D Consultants Company FCA Register record >  Howard Reuben Individual FCA Register NUmber > 

Sector specialism 
Buy To Let Mortgages, Life Cover, Residential Mortgages, Bridging Finance & Short Term Lending, HMO Finance, Critical Illness Cover. 
Office base 
Colchester, Essex. 
Contact Howard 
01206 577 266 
mobile 07774 633 639 
Professional Memberships 
Member of the Chartered Insurance Institute by Certificate 
Member of the Society of Mortgage Professionals 
Member of the Personal Finance Society 
Member of The Society of Will Writers and Estate Planning Practitioners 
In December 1985 I resigned as an employed jeweller and I started the new year in January 1986 (a few days before my 20th birthday) launching my own retail jewellery Company. Whilst developing this Firm I simultaneously continued my industry training at the prestigious College for the Distributive Trades in Leicester Square, London, and was successful in securing the R.J. Diploma which was awarded to me at Goldsmiths College by the then Home Secretary. 
When the recession of the late 80's early 90's hit the UK economy, I saw the writing on the wall for luxury trades and I considered that a new shift in my career path to a 'necessity' trade was then required. So I considered the question; what would be the mass market necessity that brings daily volume of sales? My answer and direction was to move in to the world of catering, so I bought an existing company and retail unit, which over the first 4 years of trading was built into a small chain of sandwich bars including a mobile delivery service. 
The philosophy behind buying my first sandwich shop was that everyone has to eat - not everyone needs a new diamond ring every day! 
Ultimately though, and at a time when our shop’s landlords started to increase rents and our customer base was shifting again, yet another new proposition was presented to me. This time, it was to enter the dynamic world of financial services. After some deliberation, the plans were set, the direction was determined and the shops and catering business were successfully sold. 
That was in January 1993 and since then this Company has developed and we have evolved into a multi-faceted financial services organisation. I have grown this business from a start-up 'one man band' into a successful Practice with a team of professional Insurance Advisers, Estate Planners and residential and commercial Mortgage Consultants. Without any direct marketing, we have grown as a Company with all new business received based on referrals and professional introductions. 
In my personal life, I continued my migration from east London, via Sawbridgeworth (great village / 15 pubs!) and Hatfield Broad Oak (a remote cottage in this Hertfordshire forest) and also via Hatfield Peverel near Chelmsford (where my children were born) until in 1999 I settled with my wife, two daughters and son in the town of Colchester. 
Along the way I continued my professional development training and I have successfully achieved the CeMap qualification as well as the full FPC. In addition, I am authorised and trained to advise on many areas of financial services including PMI, Corporate / Group schemes and Commercial Finance. 
Since 1995, I have also been taking instructions for Wills, Trusts and providing advice and guidance on Estate Administration as a legal services provider. In March 2012, I was advised by the Institute of Paralegals that "the Membership Committee unanimously elected you as a Registered Paralegal". 
My specialist area of legal services is advising on Wills, Trusts and providing advice and guidance to Executors and Trustees. As a long standing member of the Society of Will Writers and Estate Planning Practitioners, I continue my CPD training on a regular basis. 
My role as Principal of H D Consultants is to ensure that the whole Company always provides a professional, comprehensive and 'Client-focused' and progressive range of products and services. 

Stephen Pears CeMap  FCA Register record > 

Sector specialism 
Buy To Let Mortgages, Life Cover, Residential Mortgages, Bridging Finance & Short Term Lending, HMO Finance, Critical Illness Cover. 
Office base 
Living and working in Colchester, Essex but with most of my business carried out in Scotland! 
Contact Stephen 
01206 577 266 
mobile 07919 564 177 
I started working as a Financial Consultant with Howard at H D Consultants in October 2004 after having worked in the IFA sector for a number of years. 
Predominantly, my business is BTL mortgages and I work very closely with professional landlords for their single, portfolio and BTL mortgage, finance and insurance requirements. 
When not working for my Clients, I'm a dad of two young daughters and also a lifelong fan of Colchester United. 

John Constant CeMap  FCA Register record > 

Sector specialism 
Buy To Let Mortgages, Life Cover, Residential Mortgages, Bridging Finance & Short Term Lending, HMO Finance, Critical Illness Cover. 
Office base 
Local Office, Clacton on Sea, and also at our Clients' homes or offices nationwide 
Contact John 
01206 577 266 
mobile 07751 042 485 
I have been employed as a senior adviser with HD Consultants for the past 10 years. Prior to this time, I spent 11 years in the industry advising clients on their mortgage and protection needs. 
My role as an adviser finds me in a position where I can help and advise clients of all levels from “First Time” residential buyers to experienced large portfolio BTL landlords. 
This is a tremendously satisfying position that requires a broad knowledge of lenders criteria and underwriting processes. Central to this detailed advice process is my understanding of you and your particular situation. I get to know my clients quite well during the course of a mortgage or life insurance application, and I hope that this relationship makes me the natural choice when additional services are required, or where you know of someone who needs the specialist advice that we provide. 
I’m based in North Essex, and happy to take enquiries wherever you are, over the phone or in person for those within easy travelling distance. 
Caroline Maguire CeMap Aff.SWW  Wills and Estate Planning Specialist - Wills and Estate Planning arranged via an external and independent third party Firm 
Sector specialism 
Wills & Trusts and Estate Planning via The Will Company 
Office base 
Local Office, Lincolnshire. 
Client meetings held throughout London, or at our Clients' homes or offices nationwide 
Contact Caroline 
01206 577 266 
mobile 07950 622 375 
My past experience is predominantly Banking and Commerce. Having worked in the City of London for eleven years for the First National Bank of Chicago, as an Officer of the Bank, where I spent a considerable amount of time in the Dealing Room looking after the corporate clients and Traders alike. Service levels and ownership being a big priority extended to clients and colleagues in business. 
I am a CeMap qualified Consultant and have previously worked with the same company based in Billericay, Essex for six years. I joined HD Consultants in 2012, where we have formed a strong alliance to take our combined business forward. 
I am an experienced and professional Wills and Trust Adviser, and an affiliated member of the Society of Will Writers. This is an important area where clients require advice and guidance, when taking steps to ensure that their families are taken care of with the correct Estate planning. 
I have also had the benefit of being a shareholder and working in my own company, providing me with a valuable insight when meeting with Limited Companies, Sole Traders and business owners. Corporate financial planning requires enhanced advice skills, which I am qualified and experienced to provide. 
I like meeting and helping my clients achieve their objectives and goals whether it's for their finance, mortgage, protection, critical illness, secured loans and many other matters. 
I derive great satisfaction in always seeing the project through to its conclusion. 
John Stallan CeMap, CeRER  FCA Register record > 
Sector specialism 
Buy To Let Mortgages, Life Cover, Residential Mortgages, Bridging Finance & Short Term Lending, HMO Finance, Critical Illness Cover. 
Office base 
Local office; Leigh on Sea, Essex and at our Clients' homes or offices nationwide  
Contact John 
01206 577 266 
mobile 07788 219 647 
I joined HD Consultants in Jan 2017 following a successful career spanning 30 years in a man management role where the focus has been on exceptional service delivery to enable client fulfilment. 
I am qualified to offer advice on Mortgages, Personal Protection and Equity Release (Lifetime Mortgages) and hold CeMAP and CeRER certifications. 
Having been a property owner for the past 30 years, experiencing high and low interest rates, property boom and crash, I understand the importance of receiving honest straight talking advice. 
I take pride in everything I do and believe keeping the client updated is extremely important – even when there is no actual progress. 
Outside of work I enjoy Football, Cycling, DIY and the general outdoors. In 2018 I cycled from my home in Leigh-on-Sea to Paris following the Avenue Verte route. 
Austyn Johnson CeMap  FCA Register record > 
Sector specialism 
Buy To Let Mortgages, Life Cover, Residential Mortgages, Bridging Finance & Short Term Lending, HMO Finance, Critical Illness Cover. 
Office base 
Client meetings held at our Clients' homes or offices nationwide  
Contact Austyn 
01206 577 266 
mobile 07500 871 209 
Since 2018, I have been working with H D Consultants, alongside some of the best talent in the industry. Quality is paramount and our clients come first. 
Apart from being an expert BTL mortgage Adviser, specialising in complicated setups and landlords with vast portfolio’s, I also head up the ‘Mortgages For Actors’ branch where those in the Arts & Entertainment industry can benefit from advice from the best self-employed and complex income broker around. 
If you want a personal, down-to-earth, straight speaking Adviser who puts you first, look no further. 
Normal working hours are not strictly kept to as my client’s needs always come first! 
Talk to me, text me, email me or meet me at the office, your home or local pub/coffee shop for a drink, I will always give you my honest opinion and try to make the whole process as simple and transparent as possible. 
As an ex-Aerospace Engineer, ‘Right First Time’ is a bit of a motto! 
I know how hard you have to work to get to where you want to be and I want to do everything I can to get you there and keep you there! 
Victoria Bennett CeMap 
Sector specialism 
Buy To Let Mortgages, Residential Mortgages, Bridging Finance & Short Term Lending, HMO Finance, Life Insurance, Critical Illness cover, Income Protection 
Office base 
Client meetings held at our Clients' homes or offices nationwide 
Contact Victoria 
01206 577 266 
mobile 07305 396811 
Keeping my clients at the centre of the mortgage process, ensuring they are updated regularly with their application, is integral to me as a Financial Consultant. 
I am CeMap qualified and experienced in both residential and buy to let mortgages.  
As a homeowner, I understand how daunting the mortgage process can be and I will ensure that the entire process from start to finish is explained clearly and I will continue to update you throughout. You can feel confident your application is being handled by a professional, customer centric broker and company, with your best interests at the heart of it. 
Where can we meet? I can meet you face to face, online or via the telephone at a time convenient to you. 

Samantha Turmaine CeMap  FCA Register record >  

Sector specialism 
Residential Mortgages, Buy to Let Mortgages, Self-Employed, Limited Company Directors, Complex Income Mortgages, Adverse Credit, Debt Consolidation, ExPat Mortgages, Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor / Guarantor Mortgages, Holiday Let Mortgages, Multi-Unit / HMO Mortgages, Foreign National Mortgages, Foreign Currency Mortgages, Bridging / Development Finance, Commercial Lending, Self Build Mortgages, High Net Worth Clients, Million Plus Lending, Luxury Asset Finance, Secured Loans / Second Charge Mortgages and Equity Release 
Office base 
Client meetings held at our clients' homes or offices nationwide  
Professional Memberships 
Certified Mortgage Adviser - London Institute of Banking & Finance 
Contact Samantha 
01206 577 266 
mobile 07770 043 507 
I believe that one size does not fit all. My deep understanding of the mortgage industry, particularly in handling complex scenarios will provide you with confidence that I will find a tailored solution to meet your requirements. Whether you're self-employed, looking for a high-value mortgage, or just starting out on your financial journey I have the expertise to navigate these challenges seamlessly. 
As part of my service, I will ensure that you and your loved ones are shielded from the unexpected, allowing you to focus on what truly matters in life. Whether you're seeking life insurance, critical illness coverage or family income benefit your protection plan will be as unique as you are. 
I am ready to simplify the complexities, answer your questions, and provide clear and honest guidance towards mortgage success. 
Outside of the workplace, you will usually find me with my family or twin sister embarking on various holiday adventures, enjoying my love of fast cars, or following my favourite football team West Ham United. 
Kendyl Binnie CeMap  FCA Register record > 
Sector specialism 
Residential Mortgages, ExPat Mortgages, Holiday Let Mortgages, Buy to Let Mortgages, Multi-Unit Mortgages, Short Term Lending, Adverse Credit, Complex Income Mortgages, Foreign National Mortgages, High Net Worth Clients, LTD Company Directors, Million Plus Lending, Foreign Currency Mortgages, Debt Consolidation,  
Office base 
Client meetings held at our Clients' homes or offices nationwide 
Contact Kendyl 
01206 577 266 
mobile 07982 373 157 
I have a deep experience covering a wide spectrum of complex scenarios where I excel in finding bespoke solutions for clients whom, whist in a strong position, just don’t seem to fit the mould that lenders look for. Finding the most appropriate solution for my clients ensuring they are happy and stress-free is at the heart of my advice. 
Whether you are aiming to purchase your first home, arrange a new mortgage or ensure your family are protected, I aim to ensure this process is smooth while also informative with honest conversations throughout. I am here for you to lean on for support throughout the whole process and after. Knowing my clients are happy and protected is what gives me the most satisfaction in my role as a specialist financial consultant. 
I’m very family orientated and I love to experience new things and explore the countryside hiking. I am a huge animal lover and have 3 cats called Wizz Willow & Winter. 
I am based in Witham, Essex and happy to take enquiries wherever you may be. Whether this be over the phone or in person I would love to meet you and begin working together. 

Diane Reuben - Accounts and HR 

Contact Diane 
01206 577 266 
I help to ensure that the smooth running of the ‘back office’ processes is professionally and compliantly fulfilled. 
All Advisers at H D Consultants are very aware that our Clients are our first and foremost priority and I help to manage the regime of compliance, pipeline and administration checks and controls. 
Eve Firmin CeMap - Senior Client Administrator 
I joined H D Consultants in 2015 and I am now Senior Client and Broker Support Administrator.  
Contact Eve 
01206 577 266 
I have over 14 years experience within the banking industry and many years experience as a mortgage administrator. 
I am CeMAP qualified and am now based in our HO in Colchester supporting all of the H D Consultants' Brokers with our Clients' mortgage and protection applications. 

Community of Advisers 

Community of Advisers, Pensions, Investments and nationwide coverage of our full range of services 
H D Consultants’ Clients all have a wide range of financial requirements including mortgage arranging, life assurance strategies, and personal and company pensions and investment planning too. 
Via a nationwide team of qualified, experienced and specialist Advisers, our pensions and investment proposition is available to our Clients throughout the UK. 
For Clients who require a local Adviser and who are not located near one of our offices, access to our full range of BTL, life cover, residential mortgage, bridging finance and personal and corporate (including auto enrolment) pensions and investment services, is available too. Our Community of Advisers is truly nationwide. 
H D Consultants' is not authorised to provide investment advice 'in house', so you will be referred to a suitably qualified and authorised adviser from within our Community of Advisers with whom we closely work. 
Some of the services/products shown are not or may not be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. 
To contact an Investment Adviser or to book a local appointment with a member of our Community of Advisers, please complete the form below and send us your details and message. You can use this form to contact Your own Adviser (details above) directly, too. 
VH D Consultants. Contact details here Live Chat webpage here Broker Log In / BrokerCentre here 
Head Office address; 109 Maldon Road, Colchester, Essex CO3 3AX (Administration Centre only) 
Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. 
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FP Ref: 1436009 / exp 25.08.2025 
Long established, recognised and national nominees and award winners for our professional mortgage services; 
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